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Big Gay Ice Cream SONG

We are still amazed that pop legend Jane Wiedlin (Elettrodomestico, The Go-Go's) was inspired by Big Gay Ice Cream and created the soundtrack for our brand.

One night at about 3am Doug's phone started chirping and ringing. One of the messages was Jane singing this song into her phone. Our jaws hit the floor and we started bawling. A few minutes later she called and said "why the hell weren't you picking up? I wrote your f*cking song!" 

We explained time zones to Jane and she calmed down. A few months later she carved out some studio time and laid down the tracks for the song. 

Please do the right thing. Buy this song and then dance around the house in your underpants with the blinds open.

Big Gay Ice Cream Song is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and pretty much everywhere. Don't steal it. THANKSBYE!

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