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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Ice Cream Kosher?

In our shops, most of the ingredients we use in our soft-serve, toppings and sauces are kosher, though not 100% of them. Our kitchens and shops are not certified kosher.

Are Any of Your Products Gluten-Free?

In our shops, almost all of our ice creams are gluten-free. On occasion, we may offer a special flavor containing gluten. Note that we always thoroughly wash and sanitize all equipment when changing flavors, regardless of ingredients. Many of our other offerings (sauces, toppings, fruit pops, floats, shakes and beverages) are also gluten-free. And we stock gluten-free ice cream cones so no one is deprived of a true cone. It's always best to inform your server know of any dietary concerns or restrictions you may have.

What Flavors Do You Serve?

In our shops our principal flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and a twist of the two (just like it was back in our truck days). However, we’ve now expanded that to include one or two special weekly flavors. These flavors are posted on our menu boards and announced through our social media. 

What Vegan or Vegetarian Options Do You Offer?

At this time we only make dairy-based ice cream. To account for that in our shops, we always offer a rotating selection of Mexican-style fruit pops from La Newyorkina, most of which are dairy-free and vegan.

Where Can I Find Allergen Information on Your Products?

An allergen information sheet is available at each of our shops locations. Just as any employee to review it. This will include information on the products we make in-house (ice creams, sauces and toppings), as well as information on any ingredients we outsource (Oreos, Tang, etc.). The information focuses on dairy, eggs, wheat/gluten, soy, gluten, trans-fats* and nuts/tree nuts. 

Listed below are a few of the most frequently asked about products and allergens. Rule of thumb: always talk to one of our employees in advance of ordering if you have specific allergen concerns. Soft-serve ice cream served in our shop (dairy)** Ice cream cones and anything with speculoos (wheat/gluten)*** Chocolate dip (tree nut, gluten)**** Nutella®, Skippy smooth peanut butter and crushed peanuts***** 

*NOTE: None of our ingredients or products contain trans-fats.
**NOTE: Our soft-serve is made the traditional way, using only milk, cream, sugar and a small amount of invisible emulsifier. Additionally, a few of our rotating special ice cream flavors contain gluten (wheat) or peanut extracts (tree nuts). Note that those flavors and their machinery are clearly labeled during those times, and between flavors we always thoroughly wash and sanitize all equipment regardless of ingredients (see the FAQ “Are any of your products gluten-free?” for more information).
***NOTE: We offer gluten-free cones upon request for those observing a gluten-free diet. Speculoos is a cookie-based spread from Belgium, usually sold under the brand name, Biscoff. Those with gluten allergies should avoid speculoos.
****NOTE: Our chocolate dip contains coconut oil. Coconuts are tree nuts. If you have a tree nut allergy we advise that you not order any of our items that come dipped in chocolate. For those with gluten allergies, please note that we run two containers of chocolate dip kept on opposite sides of the toppings counter at all times, one for dipping cones treats without gluten (i.e. Salty Pimp) and one with gluten (i.e. American Globs).
*****NOTE: The majority of our menu does not have any nut product in it. However, we have some nuts and nut-based products as optional toppings and cone linings, including peanuts, Nutella (hazelnuts) and peanut butter. Our peanuts are prepared on designated surfaces with designated instruments and once the peanut containers are empty, they are either washed and sanitized or disposed of for recycling.

Where Can I Find Nutritional Information on Your Products?

We do not currently have specific nutritional information on the products we sell in our shops. But, you don’t have to be smarter than a fifth grader to know the main ingredients in ice cream are dairy and sugar. That said, you’re an independent, intelligent woman, aren’t you? It’s your body: eat whatever the hell you want!

Do You Deliver/Ship Ice Cream?

Soft-serve is a volatile product and just doesn’t hold up for shipping or storage so no, we don’t ship. We also advise against using delivery services (such as Postmates) to have our ice cream brought to you. Our ice cream, delivered to you by outside parties, will be not be representative of our high standards.

Where Are Your Shops Located and What Are the Hours?

Click here for shop locations and hours of operation. 

Do You Sell Big Gay Ice Cream Merchandise?

Click here for our online merchandise store. We also have an assortment of Big Gay Ice Cream Proud merchandise available at all of our shop locations.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

In our shops, we accept cash money, all major credit cards, Apple Pay and our own Big Gay Ice Cream Gift Cards (natch).

Do You Cater, Participate in Special Events, or Ever Available for Private Rentals?

Sure! Go to the Contact Page and follow the prompts to email us about your needs. Be sure to leave as much specific information as you can, including any of the following: headcount, date, start and stop times, location, budget, travel or transportation, 501(c)3 certification for charitable events, contact name/phone/email, special requirements and any other pertinent information.

Can I Open a Big Gay Ice Cream Franchise? When Are You Opening in My Town?

We do not offer franchise opportunities, and only the universe knows if and when we will open in your town. Hopefully soon, but our crystal ball is busted and we can’t see more than two days into the future.

Do You Still Have a Truck?

Yes! We use our truck for catering purposes and the occasional spin around the city (stay updated with our social media!). For more on our truck catering, click on the catering tab at the top of the page!

Are You Part of The Big Gay Agenda or Big Gay Mafia?

Yes. Be sure to send us your address information (along with a photocopy of your enrollment card) so we can send you your free microwave oven for converting.